commercial kitchen floor
Commercial Concrete Finishing

Our floor finishes for commercial kitchens are able to resist high temperatures and damage from corrosive chemicals as well as frequent washing, hot grease, oil, and moisture. Avoid degradation, cracks, and odors with a commercial kitchen finish from Emerald City concrete finishing. We offer the most durable and inexpensive option that's long-lasting, seamless, sanitary, sealed agaisnt moisture and skid resistant.

floor preparation
Floor Preparation

Preparing is key to a long-lasting finish. The better the prep, the longer your floor will last which is why major floor refinishing companies hire us to prepare floors for them. Floor preperation takes experience, knowledge, and a keen eye which is why so many companies trust us with this service. If you are a local floor refinishing company, please reach out to us regarding our B2B floor prep services.

restaurant concrete floor
Commercial Concrete Finishing

Restaurant floors endure huge amounts of foot traffic every day, not to mention water, food spills, and odors that refused to go away which eventually hurts a resturants repuation. With our concrete floor refinishing, these industrial-strength, slip-resistant surfaces increase both your restaurants staff performance and safety; not to mention beautifying/improving your restaurant customer's expereince.

retail concrete floor
Commercial Concrete Finishing

Concrete is one of the best materials when it comes to a durable and long-lasting retail floor coating. Exposure to Washington's extreme weather changes quickly turns other floors into a mess, whereas concree finishing provides a quick, safe, and durable finish that's long-lasting and modifyable with an assortment of colors, gradients, effects, and hues. Smart retail chains and ownerships know this option; you should too.

warehouse concrete floor
Commercial Concrete Finishing

The importance of your flooring solutions is crucial as it supports the entirety of warehousing and supply. When considering the needs of your warehouse operations, it’s easy to overlook the importance of this aspect; however Emerald City Concrete Finishing provides extensive expertise, product options, installation timelines and surface solutions for warehouse industry professionals in the Greater Seattle region.

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