basement floors
Indoor Concrete Beautified

Emerald City Concrete Polishing is the longest running concrete floor polishing company in the  area. We specialize in restoring, polishing and repairing concrete floors for industrial, commercial and residential uses.

All-Weather Concrete

Cracks are the most common problems encountered with driveways. From exposure to regular traffic, and climatic changes; old age take its toll. When the top layer of the concrete breaks and becomes loose, it crumbles causing chunks of concrete to come loose. This is often unrepairable so it's important to maintain before unrepairable damage occurs resulting in a replacement.

garage floor
Durable Textured Concrete

The most popular floor finishing request in Washington state is for garage floor refinishing and/or resurfacing projects. From Man Caves and amateur automotive shops to full-scale repair facilities, Puget Sound residents know and apprecaite our epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic coatings which are extremely easy to clean which offer protection against chemical corrosion, grease stains, and workshop/repair wear and tear.

patio resurfacing
Durable Outdoor Concrete

Emerald City Concrete Finishing is a sought after service in the offering of patio surface restoration, and resurfacing. Not just utilized by retail stores, corporate offices, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, casinos, schools, and sports arenas; home patio restoration has become a large demand helping home owners improve not only their home's curb appeal, but safety for visitors and guests alike.

pool deck resurfacing
Barefoot-Friendly Concrete

When it comes to concrete pool deck resurfacing, Emerald City Concrete Finishing has solutions for your home oasis. When a pool deck is suffering from stains, cracks, chemical burns, fades, and uneven surfaces, it's time to call us in to restore it to its former glory. From surface texture options to color and pattern choices we can not only restore but upgrade/update it to a completely new look and feel.

sidewalk resurfacing
Concrete for Public Use

A beautiful walkway is not just a functional piece of your property– it is one of the first thing guests and visitors notice when walking up to your door, Cracks, chipped edgesm warps, stains, root damage, and weather damage can send the wrong message. We can easily rectify these issues being we are a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for sidewalk restoration for over 20 years with extensive knowldege for long-lasting solutions.

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